Make sure that Your Kid Doesn’t Get Injured by a Garage Door

garage_door_safetyMost garage doors are very safe these days as compared to the older models but parents should still consider all precautionary measures to ensure better safety of their kids. For parents, keeping their kids safe is a natural instinct. A lot of parents know about the hazards of other things that their kids interact with but many of them are usually unaware of the potential dangers that a garage can offer. Advanced safety features like eye sensors have made garage doors a lot much safer than before but it’s still important to pay attention to any sort of malfunction that can happen and cause a serious injury.Garage door repair in carol stream, il – source

There are two major types of accident that are mostly the cause of an injury in kids. The first one is the kid getting stuck beneath the garage door while it is closing and the other and the most common one is their fingers getting stuck in the garage door during its opening or closing operation that can cause a serious and painful injury. Such painful incidents can be easily avoided by keeping an eye on your kids and explaining them the potential threats offered by any sort of machinery with moving parts that also include garage doors. It is also important that you pay attention to the operations of your garage door and make sure that it is working smoothly. You should also ensure proper maintenance and repair of your garage door to avoid any accident.

Garage doors usually have large and heavy panel doors that can be operated by simply pushing a button on the wall. That is why; it becomes important that you teach your kids why they should keep themselves away from garage door. Explain all the hazards of the moving parts of a garage door to your kids and do not allow them to even go near it without any adult supervision. It is very important that your kids understand that the garage door opening or closing is not something to play with, garage doors are also machineries and they should be treated like one too. Your kids should know that they are never ever supposed to duck under or run through the garage door while it is closing even if your garage door has eye sensors because malfunctions can happen anytime. In case of kids, it could be hard for the eyes sensors to catch the signal that something is in the way of the garage door. These rules are not just for kids, even adults should be careful while moving around the garage door during its operation.

Kids do what they see, so it is important that you set a good example. It is important that you act as a good model while dealing with the garage door so the kids may watch and follow. Also take care of the maintenance of your garage door to ensure its smooth and proper function. Replace any rusty and damaged parts and make sure that the garage is a safe place for your kids to play and move around. Source: garage door repair company in des plaines, il