Benefits of Energy Efficient Garage Doors


Good insulation of a garage door is one of the major factors that contribute to its energy efficiency. A lot of people have this question in their mind regarding insulated garage doors and their efficiency, are all of them good enough? The answer is no. There are a lot of things that contribute to their energy efficiency like the thermal resistance factor of a garage door called the R-Value doesn’t count as much if the door consists of effective thermal breaks and also features compatible weather seals between the section and the perimeter of the garage door. Both insulation and weatherproofing go hand in hand to make a garage door more energy efficient during a cold or hot weather. Guest post by: garage door repair in buffalo grove, il.

Wooden End Blocks

  • In almost any garage door, external metal sheet of each one of the section is linked with the interior with the help of a section end. There is weather-stripping or a glued joint that link the various metal sheet pieces together and make them stand firm. Garage door repair in Addison, IL
  • A lot of manufacturers of garage doors create lengths of sections which are then cut down for the sake of obtaining a preferred door width. Installation of steel end caps is done for the sake of closing the section ends.Source:Garage Door Repair Evanston, IL
  • A single section is manufactured at a time by the specific manufacturing technique used by our service.  Thermal bridges are avoided by the usage of wood end blocks that does not allow the conduction of cold inside unlike the steel end caps.

Sectional Joints

  • Joints between sections must also be examined attentively. A small amount of manufacturers use only the metal staples, that can be either glued or without glue, for the sake of attaching the exterior sheet metal with the internal sheet.
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  • PVC weather-stripping along with the triple-contact thermal break is used by our service. It avoids the contact of the external metal sheet with the internal one, hence, blocking conduction between the two sheets.
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